Adriana Rivera Torres is a Mexican designer who is dedicated to the creation and design of footwear. Her career started when she was studying textile design at The University Iberoamericana en Puebla, Mexico.


Since 2013, she has been the designer behind the brand ART. As the designer behind the brand ART, she is dedicated to the production of footwear with unique and innovative designs targeting daring women and men who like to be original and unique.


ART wants to give its customers more comfortable footwear, that not only fits well but also looks good. When you wear our shoes, you will be noticed because of their unique design.


With our ART shoes, we want our customers to feel special and to have the possibility to choose the shoe that fits their mood and the event you are going to.


The Mission of ART is to bring the shoe industry innovative trends in materials, fabrics, shapes and colors reaching the world of personal fashion dynamics. ART is always looking for new ideas and offers the best quality.


Our vision is to inspire  people,  with a new world of shoe design and to give them a  unique experience..  ART wants to be a supplier for  customers who  want to  express their personal fashion identity by  wearing our customized shoes.


Who hasn’t always wanted to own a pair of customized shoes?

If this is the case and you have an idea about your shoes, for a wedding or for daily use, feel free to contact us. We can make your idea come true.